1. Picked up Milani’s baked blushes in Dolce Pink & Corallina. $7.49

    You can definitely compare them to MAC’s Mineralized Blushes (but the Milani blushes have less sparkle and shimmer). I’ve been hearing reviews on these Baked Blushes and I decided to give a couple of them a try. In addition to Dolce Pink & Corallina, I have “Luminoso” (which is supposed to be an exact dupe of NARS’ “Orgasm” but we will get into that later).

    I was a bit iffy about Corallina at first because the color is so vibrant and bright. I gave it a swatch on the back of my hand and I actually really, really like it. I would apply it lightly but it will definitely give your cheeks a POP. 

    Dolce Pink is a really sheer, almost translucent pink. It reminds me of Spring and I can definitely imagine myself using it as an everyday blush.

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